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Staggered Sakura Peel & Stick Tile

Staggered Sakura Peel & Stick Tile

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⭐ Customization
Bleucoin Design Studio offers all kind of customization including size, color, pattern. All designs can be converted for subway, hexagon shape or for Staggered Layout. All the new ideas are welcomed!

📦 What to order
For Existing tiles: Measure your tiles excluding the grouts & order the same size. Order the next size available & leave a note in case of customization.
For Flat surfaces/ Backsplash: You can order the tile size with or without grouts. Panel rolls are also recommended for easy installation on a non-tiled surface.

📚 Number of Pieces:
Select along with size from drop down menu.

🌈 Color: As per the images.
(Slight variation in color may be observed due to monitor / screen color settings of your computer / mobile)
You can also choose different color from attached color card, We will replace it with Charcoal. Please leave a note while checking out for your customization requirement, if any.

❤️ Finish:
Matt - 300 Microns with .3mm thickness
Glossy - 300 Microns with .3mm thickness
Anti-skid - 520 Microns for flooring with .3mm thickness

❤️ Panel: Panel rolls have a standard quarter tile pattern of 6" x 6" on each roll with Staggered Layout. You can select the grout color also.

❤️ Grouts:
Learn more about grout look:

❤️ Product Feature
✔️ Premium quality self-adhesive vinyl with UV protective HD print with 7+ years DURABILITY.
✔️ Anti-skid floor finish - 520 Microns option for flooring,
✔️ Great for Kitchen Backsplash, Bathroom backsplash, Bathroom Floor, Wall, Tile, Metal, Glass, Wood, Ceramic, Floor tile, Cabinet, Ceiling, Door, Appliances, Furniture, Indoor, outdoor & many more surfaces.
✔️ Authentic Real Tile look. Hard to differentiate from actual tiles. Instant transformation with DIY
✔️ Comes with a choice of Matte | Glossy | Anti-Skid Floor Finish
✔️ High performance adhesive for long durability
✔️ 100% opaque decals which covers the surface completely & background is not visible.
✔️ Easily removable without leaving any residues, marks or damage to the surface.
💯 Highly recommended for renters.
✂️ Can be easily trimmed/cut to fit, especially around those difficult corners or bends.
💧 Water resistant | 🔥 Heat resistant | ☀️Fade resistant | 🐶Pet Friendly

📚 Tools & Tips:
Easy to apply with a peel-and-stick installation requiring no external glue or special tools. Only basic tools needed:
Exacto Knife / Paper cutter or a scissor. Keep a flat squeeze or a plastic card handy to press these well post installation to ensure that the glue attaches well.

✔️ Surface Preparation / Requirements:
- Please ensure that the intended installation surface is smooth, cleaned up and texture free for best adhesion as the vinyls have a micro glue that attaches itself only to a smooth surface.
- If you want to install these on a textured surface, we recommend to first put a thick contact paper on such surface and install our vinyl on top of that for best look and finish.
- When installing on floor, we recommend to opt anti-skid floor finish. Also, it is a good practice to add a clear caulk (available in any hardware store) on the edges for extended durability when installed on a floor, especially bath floor.
-Do not mix tile stickers and panels - they do not align.

✈️ Shipping
All shipment by Fedex International Priority Express/ DHL Express with 2 - 4 days delivery time worldwide. Ships from Bengaluru, India

📋 Care Instruction
For best adhesion and Longer durability, don’t overlap the stickers & do not cover the grout.
Do not move furniture, appliances or other objects with sharp feet over the surface. Please apply felt pads to avoid the damage.

💎 Our Quality
We are the Pioneer of Peel & Stick tiles with the distinction of being the first shop to launch this idea. Bleucoin is sold & loved in 92 different countries.
Bleucoin Decals are made of premium quality, are highly durable and mimics real tiles. They will last for years & years if not removed. We have specially designed Peel & Stick floor Tile which is thicker- 520 Microns with Anti-Skid finish.
These are Versatile and suitable for use in a variety of spaces, such as living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. Gives an instant makeover to your space without any chaotic tiling work.

● Please note these are not ceramic tiles but tile decals which stick on tile & give an impression of real tiles.

🧮 How to calculate my order
For Tiles: Please measure the tiles excluding grout line. if you work with centimeters, you can convert the measurement in to inches & check the next available sizes. If the size is not available let us know, we will custom make it with no extra charges!

For wall/metal/glass/wood surface: Please measure the wall & use below link for calculation:
Or just write to us & we will assist you with your order.

💧Water Resistant
Laminated with a weatherproof, anti-scratch & anti-fade film these stickers will resist steam & splashes. Our high-grade vinyl decal are perfect to use on the bathroom floor, on shower walls, as a backsplash or behind your stove.

☀️Fade Resistant
Won't fade in sunlight, suitable on a waterproof porch or balcony.

🧼 Easy to clean
The beauty of our product is they are easy to clean. Just wipe them with a moist sponge for a sparkling surface.

❤️ 100% Opaque Finish
Our Decals will cover everything and underneath surface will not be visible.

Leave the surface to cure for 24 hours post installation. Do not use the area for the time. After 24 hour, place fixtures or furniture to their position with care. Do not wash or moisten the stickers for 24 hours.

❤️ SAMPLES: Order here -§ion_id=18751639

We try our best to match the color however each screen resolution is different. If you have a pantone reference or CMYK Value of the color, we will try & match the color as per your requirement.
Know more about color
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