The essential first tool for your wallpaper project is a measuring tape. Avoid using phone apps for measurements, as they may not be as accurate as they appear.

Installing on tiles

Measure the tile excluding the grout & order the same size. We can also customize the tile size, if the same size is not available.

Count the number of tiles & order the nearest quantity. We have the tile pack available in set of 12, 24 & 44 pcs.

Tile Size


The Tile Size is 20cm x 20cm = Select Size 8" x 8"

Tile Size 30cm x 30cm = Select Size 12" x 12"

Tile Size 33cm x 33cm = Select Size 13" x 13"

If the tile size is in centimeters, Pls leave a note of measurements which checking out to make them in perfect measurements. 

Installing on wall

You can go with our panel rolls.

You can also add grouts for tiled look.

Our rolls offer unparalleled ease of installation. Measuring at a convenient size of 49" x 12", they are designed to be effortlessly trimmed to fit your specific needs. Say goodbye to complicated installations and hello to seamless application.

To calculate your roll requirement - Measure length (x) & width (y). multiply x & y then divide by 144. result is your area in square feet. divide it further with 4 & result is your panel quantity. add 15% extra and order the same.

Choose Between Glossy or Matte Finish

49" x 12" - 4ft x 1 ft rolls

Bleucoin roll is a good option for easy installation. They come in size 49" x 12" I 4ft x 1 ft.

The inner tile size is approx 5.9" x 5.9".

Choose Your Grout and Grout Color

Performance Based -520 Micron Anti Slip Finish

Our innovative decals seamlessly adhere to various floor textures, offering a hassle-free enhancement to your space.

Opt for Safety and Style: Bleucoin's Anti-Slip Performance Decals - 520 Microns for flooring.

Ease of Application

Rolls provide the ease in installation. The installation Instruction is provided with the product.

Hide your Staggered or mosaic floor tiles with Bleucoin panels or opt for your floor tile size.

Stairs : What to order

Ensure a perfect fit for your stair risers by measuring their height and ordering the corresponding size. If your desired size is unavailable, simply order the nearest size and leave a note during checkout to customize it accordingly. Each decal comes in a length of 49 inches, easily trimmable to suit your needs. For longer staircases, order multiple quantities as our seamless patterns effortlessly match together for a seamless finish.

Select Your Preferred Finish: Glossy or Matte

Not Sure about the design?

Not Sure what to buy !

We are here to help you.......

If you are uncertain about the pattern, Here is our sample pack to help you!

Order Sample