Cover your existing tiles

Measure the tile excluding the grout & order the same size. We can also customize the tile size, if the same size is not available.

Count the number of tiles & order the nearest quantity. We have the tile pack available in set of 12, 24 & 44 pcs.

Cover a non tiled surface

You can go with our tile size or panel rolls.

We recommend adding the grouts for tiled look. Learn how to calculate the quantity you need.

At the other hand Rolls are easy to install. They come in size 49" x 12", which can be trimmed.

To calculate your roll requirement - Measure length (x) & width (y). multiply x & y then divide by 144. result is your area in square feet. divide it further with 4 & result is your panel quantity. add 15% extra and order the same.

Not Sure about the design?

Not Sure what to buy !

We are here to help you.......

If you are uncertain about the pattern, Here is our sample pack to help you!

Order Sample


Choose them in Matt or Glossy (320 Microns) for Backsplash and Anti Skid (520 Microns) finish for floor application.

Spruce up your Stair Riser

Measure the height of your stair & order the same size. If size is not available, order the nearest size & leave a note while checking to customize the size.

The length is 49", It can be trimmed easily. If You need more than 49", Please order multiple quantity as the pattern is seamless & match together.