Tips & Tricks

Unlock the Perfect Installation: Essential Tips for Applying Bleucoin Decals with Ease.

24 Hours Curing

Please refrain from using the area, especially the floor, for 24 hours after installation to allow for proper adhesion.

Furniture Felt Pad

To prevent scratching and damage to floor decals, it's advisable to use felt pads on furniture legs.

Hair Dryer Trick

Utilize the hair dryer's warm setting to gently loosen the adhesive, facilitating effortless removal.


Though Bleucoin Decals are quite durable on their own but a coat of sealant will make them last longer even more.

We recommend applying them only at the edges for flooring as this is area which gets more traffic.

There are multiple options available in the market, make sure you buy clear sealant.

Textured Surface?

For a flawless installation on textured surfaces, prep with thick contact paper before applying peel-and-stick tiles