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Antalya Grey Stair Strips
Antalya Grey Stair Strips
Antalya Grey Stair Strips
Antalya Grey Stair Strips
Antalya Grey Stair Strips
Antalya Grey Stair Strips
Antalya Grey Stair Strips
Antalya Grey Stair Strips
Antalya Grey Stair Strips

Antalya Grey Stair Strips


(The order pack can be customized with your required Size & Quantity, Please send us a message with size & quantity & we will send you a link to order them)

We are the inventor of Peel & Stick tiles.
Bleucoin Decals are made of premium quality & highly durable. They will last for years & years if not removed.

You will receive 5 Strips in a pack. If you need extra strips (other than multiples of 5, you can select "Add one extra strip"
Each strip measures 49" or 124cm in length.

Please note "add one extra strip" can only be bought with pack of 5 strips & maximum quantity can be four strips only.

❤️ Size: You can select the height of the riser from right side- size drop down button. In case you need a custom size ,write to us, we will make it free of cost ❤

🌈 COLOR: As per the picture
(Slight variation in color may be observed due to monitor / screen color settings of your computer / mobile)

Available in -
- Matt
- Glossy

Decorative Stair-riser vinyl strips : Now it's easy for you to uplift the look of your stairs with just peeling & sticking these DIY decorative strips. These strips are self adhesive and can be removed easily without damaging the surface. Perfect for rented home and best solution to customize the look or to cover up unsightly old stair.

✔️ Premium quality self-adhesive vinyl with UV protective HD print with 7+ years Durability.
✔️ They are meant for all stair surface like painted, wood, marble & many more surfaces.
✔️ Laminated
✔️ High performance adhesive for long durability
✔️ 100% opaque decals hence surface is covered completely & background is not visible.
✔️ Easily removable without leaving residues or damaging any surface.
💯 Highly recommended for renters.
✂️ Can be easily trimmed/cut to fit.
💧 Water resistant
🔥 Heat resistant
☀️Fade resistant
🐶Pet Friendly

Easy to install. Can be install to any clean, smooth, flat and semi textured surface.
Need only a scissor, paper knife & a loyalty card and you are sorted! You just need to peel & stick them.

Laminated with a weatherproof, anti-scratch & anti-fade film.

Won't fade in sunlight, suitable on a waterproof porch or balcony.

Yes! They are Renter Friendly !
these can be removed without damaging the surface. Just peel off from one corner to remove them.

The beauty of our product is they are easy to clean. Just wipe them with soft cleanser with a sponge for a sparkling surface.

Our Decals will cover everything and underneath surface will not be visible.

Leave the surface to cure for 24 hours. Do not use the area for the time. After 24 hour, place fixtures or furniture to their position with care. Do not wash or moisten the stickers for 24 hours.