Our peel & stick tile decals are premium quality vinyl stickers which go over your existing tiles & give an impression of real tiles. They are designed to be installed in Kitchen, Bathroom, Tiles, Glass, Stairs, Metal, Granite, Steel, Laminates etc. Most of the times, we want to renovate our home space but it requires effort & money. Changing a tile is such a pain but our tile decals are the only solution for all. It is easy to install. You can change the look of your kitchen/bathroom without making a hole in your packet & wall in just few minutes.
The beauty of our product is they work on many surfaces.

FLOOR - Anti Skid Finish
Well, you just need to peel the backing of decal & stick them on top of your tiles.
And Voila! they are ready!
No, the current tile will not be visible at all. These tile decals are also not transparent. They will cover your existing tiles completely. 
Our Decals are not reusable, but because we use the highest quality vinyl available they will still retain their 'stickiness' once removed.
Unfortunately, Vinyl Decals (and almost ALL other types of self adhesive Vinyl decals by other companies) will not adhere well to walls that are painted with Low or No VOC paints. Paints currently marketed as Zero VOC or VOC Free include Yolo Colorhouse, Behr Premium Plus Zero VOC, Benjamin Moore’s Natura® paint, and Glidden Spred®. Sherwin Williams offers several such paints including GreenGuard Emerald Interior Acrylic Latex, Harmony, Pro Industrial Zero VOC Waterborne Catalyzed Epoxy, Pro Industrial Zero VOC Acrylic Coating, and ProMAR 200 & 400 Interior Latex paint.
Please leave a gap of 3 weeks if the wall is freshly painted.
They work beautifully on smooth surface however you can install them on slightly textured surface. 
No, you need to give a gap of around 3-4 weeks after painting your wall. Even if it is dry to touch does not mean it is ready for the vinyl installation. 
We do custom order, tell us the length & width we will custom make it for you.
Yes, They are designed to be installed in your bathroom but take care of few things like:
- Do not install them inside of your wash basin or bath tub.
- They will not work on shower floor.
- Splashes of water will not harm them.
- They work perfectly for back splash.
- Do not clean them with Harsh Cleaner or toilet cleaner.
- You can install our antiskid floor finish on powder room floor. 
Yes, They are designed to be installed in kitchen but need to take care of few points
- Do not install them inside the sink/wash basin.
- They work perfectly for back splash & near gas stove.
- Splashes of water will not harm them.
- Do not scrub or clean them harsh cleaner or toilet cleaner.
5+ year or until removed. 
Yes, They will.
Our Anti Skid finish is specifically designed for floor application.
& for Backsplash you can choose glossy or matt any!
That is really up to you!