30$ Tile Makeover !

By - The Bright Blooms 

The tile decals from Bleucoin were the easiest part of the makeover! I simply ordered the correct size to cover the existing tiles we had, and they were quickly shipped by Bleucoin from India. The range of tile designs is modern and stylish, ranging from graphic designs to colourful Moroccan styles. I chose the Pacific tile in grey as I liked the simple Moroccan/Islamic style geometric design.  The tile decals were easy to peel off the backing paper and could be rearranged a few times if needed. For any awkward corners, I simply measured and cut the decal to fit. We have had the tiles for around 6 months now and they have remained in place, no one notices they are not real tiles! I have a couple of spares if needed, and have replaced one at the back of the cooker as it scorched when a hot pan was against it (it did not burn, which is important for safety).